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Chairmans Message
Objectives of Trust
Board of Trustees
Main Objectives
Upcoming Activities
A term in French language 'entre' means to enter, 'preneur' means to take. An entrepreneur is an individual who organizes, operates and takes on the risks of a business. Spontaneous Creativity leads to starting a new project as well as trying a new opportunity   more...

Chairman’s Message 2012

It is a great pleasure to complete one year as the head of an organization which is very near and dear to me for the last 19 years.

Established on 29th July 1993, with the lead initiative of Shri Bal Patil and Dr. Sabade the organization has come a long way to enter into its 20th year. Formed with an aim to enable the Indian entrepreneurs to confidently face the challenges of globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy, the trust carries an apt vision, “Enabling Entrepreneurs”.

Last year, apart from the varied meetings and programs conducted by the clubs of Pune 1st, Pimpri-Chinchwad and Baramati, the Entrepreneurs’ International Trust undertook two major initiatives :

1] To establish a global platform for the business of the members.
2] To inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the young generation in their college days.



To establish a global platform for the business of the members, Entrepreneurs’ International took a initiative to be the PARTNER ASSOCIATION of Engineering Export Promotion Council [EEPC] in organizing an international exhibition, ‘India Engineering and Sourcing Show’ [IESS] 2012.

ENTREPRENEURS’ INTERNATIONAL PAVILLION not only exhibited members products, but also our collective strength in front of the large number of delegates from all over the world. This is the first step towards taking our members business global. 

In September 2012, a delegation from AMA, Association for Sensor Technology, Germany is coming to Pune. A Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations will be signed for bilateral trade promotion, tie-ups, joint ventures, technology transfers between the members of the two organizations. This will be a significant milestone for the trust to spread its activities at the global level.

The second major initiative taken by Entrepreneurs’ International Trust is to form tie-ups between the Industry and Educational Institutes. Entrepreneurs’ clubs will be established in various colleges through this initiative. The lessons of entrepreneurship will be imparted among the students in order to create an awareness regarding the same. The students will get an opportunity to interact with well-established, successful business idols. It will help the students generate the sense of entrepreneurship among themselves. There is a desperate need to change the belief of the society that good education can help only to  get a good job. Efforts will be taken to change the mindsets of the student from being employee to become employer. Thus Entrepreneurs’ International will strive to inculcate the culture and values of Entrepreneurship in the ignited minds of the students.

A model of this activity was implemented on trial basis in Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust’s S.B.Patil Institute of Management. With the initiative of Entrepreneurs’ International and the cooperation from the trustees and management of this college, a entrepreneurs’ club was formed. The first event, a symposium on ‘We will become Entrepreneurs’ was organized where three Entrepreneurs and Principals of 3 Colleges participated in an interactive session. More than 200 students attended this program. Out of these, 43 students became the members of this Entrepreneurs’ club. Various entrepreneurs were called for experience sharing throughout the year. They shared their entrepreneurial stories and spoke on their personal experiences. The talks included the idea behind starting the business, overcoming the obstacles that they faced, importance of positive thinking, determination, dedication, honesty and consistency to gain excellence in business. They spoke about their achievements and failures.

This year on 29th July, this “ENTREPRENEURS’ CLUB SBPIM NIGDI” will receive a charter from the Entrepreneurs’ International. Our mission is to spread the idea of the ‘Industry-Institute tie-up’, that will become the setu between knowledge and entrepreneurial abilities, throughout India in next 5 years that is by the time Entrepreneurs’ International will celebrate its Silver Jubilee.
Colleges and Educational Institutes interested in joining this activity may contact Entrepreneurs’ International Secretary, Shri Chandrashekhar Bhave on 09011064612.


Chairman’s Message 2011

Today on the occasion of the 18th ENTREPRENEURS DAY, I have been handed over the responsibility as the PRESIDENT of the trust ENTREPRENEURS INTERNATIONAL. 

Entrepreneurs International is a social trust formed and run by entrepreneurs so as to "ENABLE ENTREPRENEURS". An entrepreneur

faces challenges and sees a lot of ups and downs in his entrepreneural career. Similarly the trust along with its clubs has seen some ups and downs in the last 17 years. But as per the motto of the trust "CHAREVATI" it has kept on moving.

Recently India played the 2000th Test match at Lords bringing in limelight the glorious history of 125 years of the game. It was after almost 100 years in the 1970' s, that the more exciting and result oriented second version of the game that is one day cricket came into existence. And now the 21st century is witnessing the more glamorous and rich next version of the game that is 20-20. The strong foundation of Test cricket was responsible for the excitement and result oriented one day cricket and the glamorous and rich 20-20 cricket. 

My dear entrepreneur brothers and sisters,similarly with the strong and firm footing of the last 17 years, let us now take our trust and clubs to the more exciting and result oriented next version. Saying this I very well know that this is not a simple task. It will only happen out of sheer determination and collective efforts put together by all of us.We, as entrepreneurs, should take up this challenge and be prepared for the change. Change is inevitable. We need to change with the changing times. Let us all focus for a more excited and result oriented change in our trust, clubs ultimately benefiting the members.

As I previously mentioned ours is a social trust run by entrepreneurs. Most of us are first generation entrepreneurs, so engrossed with the different activities of entrepreneurship, that we hardly find any time for this so- called social activity. I can tell you from my own past experience that there are 'n' number of tangible and intangible benefits which we can derive out of this activities.

We need to strike the right balance between entrepreneurship and social club activities. Rather a time has come for the world to develop and witness a new theory which will balance between Adam Smiths CAPITALISM and Karl Marx SOCIALISM.

With all this, I can very well visualise the day very near, when we will ultimately witness the glamorous and rich version of the game like 20-20 for the members of our trust and clubs. As per the motto of our trust, " CHAREVATI" we are on the MOVE. Let us now change the PACE, make it a MOVEMENT which will prepare us for a MARATHON RUN.  

Santosh Lalwani

Entrepreneurs International.


Chairman’s Message 2010

Dear Entrepreneurs,

One year of my tenure as a chairman is complete. It is a great honour to be cahirman of an organisation which is dedicated to the cause of entrepreneurship. Looking back, the year was satisfactory, but many activities need to be carried out.
We started with announce ment of starting Entrepreneurs Clinic and virtual Entrepreneurs Clubs.
Entrepreneurs Clinic was inaugerated at the hands of welknown senior entrepreneur Shri. Prataprao Pawar. With his support, an article on the clinic appeared in daily Sakal. The instant reaction was overwhelming. With the gained experience, drive to make clinic more popular and running consistently is being planned. One thing is certain that such a clinic is needed to guide entrepreneurs.
Basic thinking about virtual entrepreneurs clubs has started and this year these will be launched.
Apart from these, we at the trust thought of , running  clubs little bit differently. A few guidelines for running a club are planned. These will be conveyed to club presidents.
Our website is also taking shape and soon will be upgraded. It is
Now it will be open for all to view. Hence everyone can take advantage of the experience and knowledge posted on the site.
All club members can upload information. All those who are not members but want to upload information, can register and avail this facility.Website is now open to advertisements. Initially we will accept club member’s advertisements and over a period these will be open to all.
All members should take advantage of the website.
Attending club meetings regularly gives us friends, pleasure, information, knowledge, awareness, ‘not alone’ feeling and makes up mindset. All entrepreneurs are always busy. Sometimes it is recession time hence have to work hard to overcome problems and rest of the time is boom time hence have to work hard to complete orders. But let me assure, that attending club meetings is equally beneficial. One takes home something or other from each meeting.
As it is said that ‘the change is the only constant phenomenon’, we have changed and will continue changing for a better future and better India, entrepreneur India.
Sincere thanks to all office bearers and members for their support and look forward to get similar support in coming year.


Girish Ranade

10th July 2010.






 President’s Message 2009

Dear Entrepreneurs,
Thanks for this privilege to communicate with you from this desk.

As decided we have taken steps for brand building of Entreprenurs’ Clubs. The most important being our website in its new form. It has many interactive & beneficial features. Every member is requested to take advantage of this platform.

‘Go- Green’ was the message last year. This year I will extend it with

‘Green – Governance’. In other words it is “Stop erosion of ethical base”. This is essential from roads to boardrooms. The total orientation towards numbers & targets, neglecting impact on society & nation, is one of the reasons of economic disaster in the west. We need to learn from this and seek answers in prudence. We need to set our priorities right. First, one is ‘human being’, with all its responsibilities and duties, and then ‘entrepreneur’. Any change in this order causes all the erosion, pollution and collapse.

Entrepreneurs’ clubs is a great platform to enrich ourselves in every sense. I do appeal for your commitment to the club. We need this to take this movement to next logical level.

I take this opportunity to thank all trustees and office bearers for their co-operation.

Wishing you success in your endeavours,

Wg Cdr Vijay D Chattur (Retd)



President’s Message 2008 

Dear Entrepreneurs,
It is a great privilege to communicate with you from this desk.

Entrepreneurs’ International has been striving to keep entrepreneurship spirit high by enabling entrepreneur himself. We need to build brand “Entrepreneur” and brand building of Entrepreneurs’ Club is a step towards it. Let us start this brand building process in all its earnest.

Each country has its history and culture. This manifests in our daily lives and behaviour-so will it be in our entrepreneurship. Our culture is a “Green” culture where we take care of our environment. The environment consists self, family, society, nation and all encompassing mother nature. Let us re-dedicate ourselves to all these components along with our entrepreneurship.  Let our slogan be “Go Green”. A step towards this will be to stop uprooting – uprooting people, families, society and nature. Then let us utilize entrepreneurship to re-root the up-rooted. I believe we can do it. The scale may be small but it can make the difference and show the path.
One route for this is shown by great management guru, C. K. Pralhad in his book ‘The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid’. We, the entrepreneurs, can be change agents in the perpetuating scenario of poverty and unemployment. The methodology is profitable win-win situation. For this we need technology, private enterprise, market based solutions and involvement of all concerned. Let us dedicate coming year to formalize what we can do in this direction.

We need a vision, a dream. The grander, the better. Let us accept the challenge. To succeed… we need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate, something to inspire.

With best wishes,
Wg Cdr Vijay D Chattur (Retd)

President’s Message 2007

Dear Entrepreneur Brothers and Sisters,

Today we are celebrating 14th Entrepreneurs' day. Every year on 29th July, we celebrate Entrepreneurs' day. This day being birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Late Mr. J R D Tata, we pay our humble tributes to his memory and arrange this special function.

In 1938, at the age of 34, when JRD was elected Chairman of Tata & Sons, the group included fourteen companies with sales of Rs 280 crore; in 1993, the year of his death, sales were Rs 15,000 crore contributed by over fifty large manufacturing companies, besides innumerable holding, investment, subsidiaries and associate concerns, making it India's biggest business group.

But this is not the only reason of our inspiration. JRD was a visionary leader and his style of management inspires us a lot. JRD adopted a management by consensus style: 'When a number of persons are involved I am definitely a consensus man,' he once said, adding: 'but that does not mean that I do not disagree or that I do not express my views. Basically it is a question of having to deal with individual men heading different enterprises. You have to adapt yourself to their ways and deal accordingly and draw out the best in each man. If I have any merit it is getting on with individuals according to their ways and characteristics. In fifty years I have dealt with a hundred top directors and I have got on with all of them. At times it involves suppressing yourself. It is painful but necessary. To be a leader you have got to lead human beings with affection.' And I think this is the true reason of JRD's success.

Ten years ago, when I joined Entrepreneurs' club, business to me was doing hard work. Being a techno-entrepreneur I was more concerned about new technology, new products, and passion of solving technical problems, and what not. Keeping me and the people around me always busy was the measure of accomplishment. And I am sure if I would have not joined Entrepreneurs' club, the things would have not changed much.

Entrepreneurs' club changed my whole perspective of looking at the business. Experience sharing, book reviews, seminars, enterprise visits, interaction with successful entrepreneurs, lectures by management gurus helped me a lot to develop a strong business acumen. In other words Entrepreneurs' club worked as my mentor in developing my business. Knowingly or unknowingly every member has benefited from the club activities.

Networking through the club activities is extremely helpful for the existing as well as budding entrepreneurs. It helps during all the stages of your business life. We have already established contact with few entrepreneurs from Germany and UK, who are interested to start entrepreneurs clubs under our affiliation. This will make our trust international in a true sense. And this will give our Indian entrepreneurs an opportunity to establish their global tie-ups much faster. In future, Entrepreneurs' International will work with the other organizations like NEN, EDI, MCED, MITCON, MCCIA, TiE etc. This will help our trust to reach more number of entrepreneurs much faster. We are also working on developing systematic mentor-protégée program to help entrepreneurs improve or establish their business successfully. 

During my 10 years association with this entrepreneurship development activity, I got an opportunity to work as club president as well as trust president. Both the times I got this opportunity besides having more deserving people than me. However the foundation laid by the previous presidents and their teams helped me a lot to perform my responsibilities smoothly.

I thank all the trustees of Entrepreneurs' International for their full involvement in the trust activities. I also thank the presidents of all the clubs and their teams for their strong support to promote trust activities.

Finally my best wishes to Wing Commander Vijay Chattur (Retd.) and for his new responsibility as trust president. I am sure our trust will flourish and progress much faster under his able leadership.


Jay Hind!

Datta Deshpande
Entrepreneurs' International



President’s Message 2006

Entrepreneurs' International is a non-profit trust and is an apex body of Entrepreneurs' clubs organised in Pune and some districts of Maharashtra. This forum has been created so that entrepreneurs can come together, exchange their ideas and resources to convert those ideas into reality.

Entrepreneur is a person who takes initiative, who organizes, operates, assumes the risk for business ventures and has a capacity to undertake such risks. Such capacity can be developed with sheer hard work, some practical training and self- motivation.

We believe in ideal like :

- Coming together is beginning
- Working together is progress
- Staying together is achievement
- Achieving together is a challenge

Entrepreneurs clubs provide a platform for entrepreneurs to achieve success together. Clubs arranges various programmes like

  • Experience sharing
  • Interaction with senior entrepreneurs
  • Lectures or presentations by management consultants
  • Visits to exhibitions, large enterprises
  • Exchange of information
  • Meetings on current topics like budget, disasters management, Govt. Policies, current business opportunities, Global Challages etc.

Many successful business clusters are working together by integrating their own strengths to meet large business opportunities. Trust has taken initiative to motivate entrepreneurs for establishing large scale successful businesses. We will achieve this by providing expert's advice in different areas like finance, marketing, quality management systems, corporate governance, corporate strategies, international marketing etc.

We are developing relations with the like minded entrepreneurs or the group of entrepreneurs abroad. These relations will be beneficial to the members of the clubs to expand their markets internationally. Our website will speed up this process this year. Successful corporate entrepreneurs always are the roll models for small entrepreneurs. Especially those who has started with small and now leads a corporate business. Our today's chief guest Mr. Ravi Pandit is one of them. For the individuals, it is always difficult to approach them due to their busy schedules. We, as a trust is taking initiative to organise dialogue of SMEs with such entrepreneurs. We found that this experience sharing helps small businessmen to overcome the initial resistance in their minds. No society can flourish without entrepreneurs. And we are committed to make this entrepreneurs community stronger, for the benefit of the society. I appeal all the entrepreneurs to join this movement for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of the society.

I thank all the trustees of Entrepreneurs' International for their full involvement in the trust activities in spite of their busy schedules. I also thank the Presidents and their teams of various clubs for their strong support for achieving trust objectives.

Jay Hind !!!

Datta Deshpande
Entrepreneurs' International