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A term in French language 'entre' means to enter, 'preneur' means to take. An entrepreneur is an individual who organizes, operates and takes on the risks of a business. Spontaneous Creativity leads to starting a new project as well as trying a new opportunity   more...
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Member Phone
Mr. Hemanta Kumar Bordoloi 9823040155/9854100724
Mr. Hemanta Kumar Bordoloi 9823040155/9854100724
 Rishikesh  Rajendra Tekade 8308787734
 Rishikesh  Rajendra Tekade 8308787734
Mr Vimal  Kumar  
mr. ajinkya chandrakant wankhede 919545100979
 Datta Hari Deshpande 9921009973
 Rajesh Omprakash Mittal 020-24458937
Mr. Dharma Tulashiram Patil  
 AnthonyBren AnthonyBren AnthonyBren  
 RafaelZelp RafaelZelp RafaelZelp  
 ajinkya mohan karandikar 9619578233
Mrs. Nanda  Ramaswamy  
 Hrishikesh Makarand Rajhansa  
Mrs Snehal Sujay Shete -
Mr Sidhesh S Todarmal 9762188313
Mr Ranjit Baliram Kate 02064009696
Mr Ranjit Baliram Kate 02064009696
Entrepreneurs VIKRAM PUSHPARAJ KAWEDIYA 020-24268451
 Andraayz Andraayz Andraayz