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A term in French language 'entre' means to enter, 'preneur' means to take. An entrepreneur is an individual who organizes, operates and takes on the risks of a business. Spontaneous Creativity leads to starting a new project as well as trying a new opportunity   more...
Chief Guest for 2012

DSK Sir.jpgShri DS Kulkarni :

Shri. Deepak Sakharam Kulkarni, popularly known as DSK, is the Chairman & MD of DSK Group of Companies.
Born in a highly cultured Maharashtrian Brahmin family, DSK was brought up in Kasba Peth area which had majority of people from blue-collared working class of Pune.
The value system imbibed in his childhood has inspired DSK to dream big yet have his feet firmly rooted in ground realities. From a very young age he showed traits of a promising
Entrepreneur, training himself in the art and science of doing business and besides completing his education simultaneously. He never developed any inferiority complex of doing small jobs. Rather he enjoyed these small ways of sharing happiness. The formula of helping his friends unknowingly taught DSK his first lesson of business. Today, his dreamlike success story often belies the hardship and toil he has put in, in order to hone his business acumen to perfection.
With a business mantra of “Winning the hearts of our customers by conquering their trust”,
DSK firmly believes in respecting the “work” irrespective of its magnitude. But, whatever work is undertaken should be done with precision, hard work and trustworthiness. He always believed in the business morals of “Keep your customer's happy & give more than their expectations.”
His “always say YES to work” attitude lead to a strong foundation of starting DSK Construction Company which today has snowballed into a  Rs. 4000 crore empire in the name of DSK Developers Ltd. Today DSK Group is one of the most respected business houses in India.
The concept of an integrated township in India was first introduced by DSK – the visionary. His idea behind constructing DSK Vishwa was, to give the people from middle class a feel of living life king size. Since then, DSKDL has established endless successful construction projects at various locations around the globe.
This is a yet another success story; a name synonymous with Toyota and vice versa. DSK Toyota has been awarded the Best Dealership Award every year right from the very first year of its inception.
DSK always believed in qualitative and practical education so as to produce industry-ready students who can directly be absorbed in main stream working. Hence came about premier educational institutions such as DSK Supinfocom International and DSK School.
DSK group has extended its presence in the travel, technological, pharmaceutical sectors as well.
Self destined entrepreneur, compassionate businessman, socialist, visionary….. All this and much more fails to completely describe the towering persona that is Shri. Deepak Sakharam Kulkarni.
We at Entrepreneur Club, respect, admire and aspire to follow in the footsteps of this ingenious, yet magnanimous business icon who has changed the faces of various industries and by doing so, touched the lives of millions, winning the hearts of one and all by conquering their trust!

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